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SSAT/SAT/ACT Preparation

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A number of schools across Canada require applicants to take the SSAT/SAT/ ACT. The aim of the test is to assess a student’s verbal, quantitative, reading, and writing skills.  It can sometimes be a good indicator of potential academic success, which not meant to measure all traits that can contribute to academic success. For instance, the test doesn't directly assess motivation, persistence, or creativity

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What's SSAT?

SSAT is an abbreviation for: Secondary School Admission Test, a set of tests for admission to private primary and secondary schools in the US.


The SSAT norm groups consist of all scores from the same grade and gender who have taken the test for the first time over the past three years. The SSAT reports percentile ranks, which are calculated relative to the performance of the norm group.

The verbal and quantitative sections of the exam have a reliability score of higher than .90. The reading section has a slightly lower score. These scores are considered above average by widely recognized educational  standards.






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