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We have a team of teachers consisting of Chinese teachers and foreign teachers. All of them have a background in teaching and learning in higher education institutions and are rich in teaching experience. They have standard French pronunciation, patience in teaching and responsibility for each student which could be school-age students or adults, every student in the classroom is active. We cultivate talent and believe each student could create miracle, so we teach students in accordance with their aptitude. This teaching methods are accepted and loved by students. All our teachers are well selected and trained by us and strictly follow the teaching schedule and expectation.


The curriculum materials of our college are carefully selected and compiled by a teaching material research team composed of primary and secondary school teachers and government education specialists who specialize in primary and secondary level education. Our textbooks strictly abide by the curriculum set by the Quebec Ministry of Education. Each knowledge point has detailed parsing and a large number of corresponding exercises and tests, which is truly private custom-made, as to ensure that every student at our school can master new knowledge and consolidate existing ones. At the same time, our exercises database prepared for the secondary entrance exam are made according to the exam content, that ensure the improvements of the oral and listening skills, and helps students improve their scores of exams in a fast way. Many of our students have significantly improved their exam scores after joining in our program.


We have a professional teacher management team which can fast evaluate students’ levels and identify their shortcomings, then select teaching materials, formulate teaching plans and class hours, help students quickly overcome shortcomings, and comprehensively improve results according to student characteristics and requirements. From listening, speaking, reading and writing, to many aspects of French ability. Students will improve their French skills in the short term. At the same time, we communicate with our parents in time to follow up the progress of the child’s learning, promptly feedback the children’s learning process with the parents, and checked all the teachers and teaching achievements of our school to strictly control the teaching results.

Our French class is divided into the following types:


The primary and secondary French tutoring classes help students accurately identify the learning barriers and formulate teaching plans. According to the examination outline of the Ministry of Education, they help students master the necessary knowledge points, supplemented with a large number of exercises to consolidate, and quickly improve students' academic performance.

- Pre-school French, Elementary School Grades 1-6 (Private Teacher 1 to 4 or Private Teacher 1 to 2)

- French Grades 1-5 for Secondary Schools (1 pair of 4 for Private Education or 1 to 2 for Private Education)

- French welcome test for elementary school grades 4-6 (1 pair of private trainers or 1 pair of private trainers 2)

- French Express Welcome Class

- French grammar reading writing

- Listening skills in French spoken language improve rapidly

- French secondary entrance exam preparation

- French school transfer language test


French Express Welcome Class

French Highschool entrance exam

French language


Highschool literature & Writing

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